Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and GameDesk launched a failed Kickstarter campaign to fund AERO, an educational science game for iPad and other devices.

AERO would have been a beautifully illustrated game that allowed users to become a bird and experience the miracle of flight. Through flight lessons, challenges and exploration of the game’s interactive landscape, AERO would have taught kids tough subjects like aerodynamics and physics. It looked like a great way to familiarize kids with scientific principles before they’re introduced in school, or as a complement to the curriculum to engage kids outside of their textbooks.

The prototype version for iPad had over 100,000 downloads, but GameDesk needed more funding to build out the full version. To raise the necessary funds, raise awareness, and lend credibility to AERO, GameDesk tapped Bill Nye “The Science Guy” to help lead their Kickstarter project, but even his loyal following wasn’t enough to get the ball rolling. The project only received $31,500 of its $100,000 goal.

Photo courtesy of: NASA Goddard Photo and Video



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